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A story told by Theodor
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Christian Aid

Daniel Hawkins from Narrative Empathy approached Adam Zygadlo at Jarbrain with the task to create a film that would rally support for Christian Aid Week 2017.

The theme for the piece was based primarily around the real life viewpoint of Theodore Davidovic, a refugee from Syria who settled in Scotland after World War II. After filming the footage, Christian Aid unfortunately felt that the message fell short of their high standards and asked for assistance from Adam and several professionals.

With the help of Daniel who lead the project and illustrator Karrie Fransman, they broke down the visual components of the film. The purpose of this was to rig different character elements before the team could animate the scenes needed for the video.

An animated head sequence of Theodore was also required to blend in with the footage. This emphasised that Theodore was in fact a real person and to dismiss illusions that he was created for the purpose of the project.

The film was designed to resonate with a specific audience of Christian Aid's supporters, being well recieved. The film itself was then premiered in churches across the United Kingdom with Christian Aid sending their approval and congratulations.

  • Client:
    Christian Aid
  • Category:
  • Credits:
    Studio by Narrative Empathy
    Producer by Daniel Hawkins
    Written and illustrated by Karrie Fransman
    Animation by Jarbrain
    Audio production by Richard Hughes
    Narrated by Kristin Atherton
    Voiceover by Richard Hughes
    Music by Simon Wilkinson
    Recorded by Strathmore Publishing
  • Services:
    Motion Graphics, Animation and Compositing

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