Danish Refugee Council

"An Empty Promise"
Animation / Charity Video

Danish Refugee Council

The Danish Refugee Council commissioned PositiveNegative to produce a video about a woman's journey from Nigeria to Sicily, highlighting the dangers she faced whilst crossing Libya. PositiveNegatives asked Adam Zygadlo and his Jarbrain studio to assist them with this animation as of their prior reputation in producing "The Difficult Journey Home" previously.

Adam rendezvoused with PositiveNegatives to discuss the project to which they introduced Swedish illustrator Gabi Froden and scriptwriter Rachel Snapcott to join the production team.

During the meeting there were conflicting ideas of how the creative direction should proceed and Jarbrain had to come up with inventive improvisations. Gabi interpreted those ideas made by Jarbrain into visual ideas and eventually, the storyboards for the piece.

With the visuals finalised Jarbrain worked with the assets by pulling them apart and then threading them together again within the animation software. The team decided to animate the characters in stop motion to make them feel more lifelike rather than choosing a smooth animation sequence which would have had the opposite effect.

The team worked on all of the project's animation within the video which included environments and sound effects. Adam and Jarbrain took extra care to only make minor adjustments to resources provided by the client such as voice acting.

With the production nearing completion the rough animations for the project was sent to composer Phil Wilkinson who created the soundtrack. Upon Phil's return with his completed audio assets, Adam and Jarbrain balanced all auditory pieces within the animation evenly for maximum effect.

The final product that was sent to both PositiveNegatives and the main client - The Danish Refugee Council - had both groups expressing positivity to the end result. Their closing statement to the end of the project was that "It produced tears, debate and overall praise on the video." within both client groups.

  • Client:
    Danish Refugee Council
  • Category:
    Charity Video
  • Credits:
    Produced by PositiveNegatives
    Animated by Jarbrain
    Illustrated by Gabi Froden
    Written by Rachel Shapcott
    Voiceover by Golden Ekpo
    Music by Phil Wilkinson
  • Services:

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