Disney Playhouse

Mother’s Day Campaign

Disney Playhouse

Alex Estrella, the director at Exposure Films had filmed a collection of clips for his client at Disney Playhouse. Initially recorded for a mother's day campaign directed at the Czech Republic audience, the clips contained footage approved by children and their families who drew on glass screens.

Before we were requested to assist with this project the director had issues with the original concept of the film. He had imagined the scene would build up with other drawn elements on top of each other to tell a story but he felt that the footage was lost within the drawn artwork.

Adam began solving the problems of this issue, experimenting with some ideas until we came up with a simple solution by flipping the concept on its head. We raised the question of "instead of placing new artwork on top of the footage, why not place it in the background and then gradually have it draw itself?".

Adam spent time studying and simulating the artwork drawn by children in order to animate certain graphics like the butterfly and sea boat used in the video.

The end result of this creative spark was that the director loved what we had generated and asked us to produce a test sample to be sent to the client- Disney Playhouse.

Disney Playhouse responded back to us with both joviality and praise for our craft, agreeing to apply this treatment to all of the footage that Exposure Film was using. The feedback in fact was so positive that Disney commissioned a further two clips which weren't originally in the project's requirements.

Overall, Disney Playhouse was extremely pleased with the final delivery of the products that we had created for them.

  • Client:
    Disney Playhouse
  • Category:
  • Credits:
    Studio by Exposure Films
    Director by Alex Estrella
    Motion Designer by Adam Zygadlo
  • Our Services:
    Animation, Illustration and Motion Design

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