International Federation of Red Cross

Game of Life: The Story of Sharif
Animation / Charity Video

International Federation of Red Cross

Adam Zygadlo was requested by "The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies" (IFRC) to create a video around the subject of human trafficking. This was titled "Game of Life" and told the animated story of Sharif, an Afghani teenager who fled his home country after his family was killed.

Adam was initially introduced to the project by comic artist Karrie Fransman, whom he had worked with before on previous projects. Adam and his studio by now was well versed in creating footage that could deal with the one presented.

During the pre-production stage Karrie asked Adam for certain thematic suggestions to create more atmospheric impact to the story. Such elements suggested and used by Adam included using and interpreting the lore and backgrounds behind smuggling to dramatic effect.

Once the storyboard was finalised and approved by the client, Karrie ironed out how the project's visual illustrations would appear. With these sent to Adam and his studio they then began the process of entering the animation stage. Soon the various visual components including characters were isolated and then built up with rigging. Voice acting was later added following the animation of the assets as soon as the storyboards were approved. Audio producer Richard Hughes helped with the production by adding in sound effects and background ambience to all scenes.

A soundtrack composed by Simon Wilkinson was also added to the video as it neared completion. We enjoyed ourselves with producing this project as it proved to be quite a challenge in generating creative solutions to evolving changes.

The client also took note of this and was indeed very happy with the final result and the finished product.

  • Client:
    International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • Category:
    Charity Video
  • Credits:
    Written and illustrated by Karrie Fransman
    Animation by Jarbrain
    Audio production by Richard Hughes
    Narrated by Kristin Atherton
    Voiceover by Richard Hughes
    Music by Simon Wilkinson
    Recorded by Strathmore Publishing
  • Services:
    Motion Graphics, Animation and Compositing

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