Last Voices of the Generation
Opening titles

Last Voices of the Generation

The BBC hired MOOV Limited to produce an emotional and touching opening title of 'The Last Voice of a Generation', which covered events across the UK that commemorated the 90th anniversary of the First World War's end.

This was presented by the widely renowned BBC presenter Hue Edwards and was aired on the 11th November 2008.

Adam Zygadlo had the honour to be a part of this emotional project, where he and Nevil Appleton (one of the directors of MOOV Ltd) selected specific photographs from the First World War and its many battlefields.

They composited the photographs together with a slow gentle flyby and sound accompaniment from Howard Goodall ('Eternal Light: A Requiem (2008) - Kyrie - Close now thine eyes') which established strong emotional responses towards the video.

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  • Credits:
    Studio by Moov Limited
    Director by Nevil Appleton
    Motion Designer by Adam Zygadlo
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    Motion Graphics, Graphic Design and Compositing

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