How we process our projects

There are several stages by which we develop our projects, from conception through to the delivery. Over the years, we have found that the success of a project regarding its creativity, boils down to the steps we follow to ensure the best results possible. These processes are crucial to craft a meaningful message which resonates with your audience and truly makes a mark within an already noisy, digital environment.

Creation and creativity is the quintessential tea and biscuits at Jarbrain. We always go the extra mile to ensure that all the work we produce is unique enough to be tailored to each client or brand, yet resonate with a large enough audience to have a mass appeal.

So how do we work? I hear you ask. There are five key stages which have been proven over years of experience to deliver outstanding creative productions, using a loose framework.


Developing a solid foundation

A great project must always begin with a solid foundation. This will help establish the requirements and to proceed to the next stage. This stage may be viewed as the “bricks and mortar” of the project.

We will begin by discussing the brief alongside your ideas. Whether you have a glimmer of an idea or a detailed pitch, we can help you develop your creative ideas depending on your needs.

We will then research and discuss the requirements in order to refine the ideas, by examining various dimensions of the project, such as your target audience, your chosen media channels, and so on. Throughout the brief, we'll explore all of the options available with you for the best solution.


Formulating concepts

In this stage, we will begin conceptualising your ideas. This can be done through the use of visuals, examples and experiments. We will bring our ideas together to start drafting what the final product may look like, as the project begins to come to life.

We will work together throughout the process through close collaboration, to ensure that the work is as imaginative as it can be. This way, we can be sure that we are always on the same page and heading in the right direction.

Through ongoing dialogue, we will start refining the style which that you may be looking for so that the project meets their specifications before moving onto the next stage.


Refining ideas and designs

Once we have decided upon the overall direction of the project and all avenues have been explored, we can turn our attention to the finer details. These may include storyboards, scripts, narratives or voiceovers, mock-ups or presentations, all depending on the nature of the project.

Within this stage, we will gain a clearer idea of what the final product will look like as the initial versions of the project are created. The first draft may be viewed as a starting point for further modifications.


Constructing main product

We can begin to focus on the real fun side of the project, by combining all the elements together within the production stage.

This part brings the concept to life as we'll get to utilise our specialised software, equipment and talent. Our crew has years of experience within design, animation and film so that what we create from the draft will be a unique, functional piece.

Once the project is underway, we will provide you with regular updates, complete with prototype mock-ups, where you will be able to provide feedback so that any last minute changes can be made before delivery.


Distributing product

Before shipping out the fruits of our labours we'll examine the project with our quality control checks and further explore our options for improving the end results.

The delivery stage also allows us to perform some final checks to rectify some errors such as typos and bugs that may have initially evaded our sight.

Once the finished project gets green light by our team and clientèle, we can begin the distribution and compilation of the product into multiple formats and platforms.


Our final thoughts

Jarbrain has and will always believe that quality will shine more brighter than that of producing quantitative work.

With this principle, our clients can see our enthusiasm and imagination throughout our projects. Our commitment to making our clients very happy in our opinion, is good for the industry as a whole and can only raise our standards.

If our clients are exceptionally pleased with our work then they are always free to recommend us, furthering a wide operation of good quality art and design services.

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