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Different video content that we can produce

With the surge of digital media consumption in our modern world - videos have become a powerful tool that can provoke and stimulate a reaction/emotion to different audiences all over the world on digital platforms and technologies like handheld devices.

There's a large variety of digital medium that consists of animation, CGI and live action footage, which expresses their messages, whether it is through a merely clear narrative or by promoting the service of a company.

We has been involved for many years by producing, animating and creating all types of videos, such as: Animated Videos, Live Action Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, Logistic Videos, B2B Videos, Promotional Videos and Event / Charity Videos.

Animated Videos

These are short online marketing videos used to promote the companies' products and services like software, which are often positioned on landing pages including company websites or social media platforms. Animation can creatively transport the viewer to other unique worlds to transmit the message effectively across to their audiences.

Example of our work that demonstrates this:


Live Action Explainer Videos

Similar to animated explainer videos, these consist of live human speakers, to create a deeper connection with their audiences. This is because we are naturally drawn to other human beings. Within these videos, messages could focus on physical products, services or other aspects of thr business. It's a great way to reach out towards new users and keep existing users engaged.

Example of our work that demonstrates this:

RilianceCarphone Warehouse

Corporate Videos

This is an essential marketing and communication platform to showcase any companies to promote their core principles, branding and/or services that it can offer to their audience and other businesses. Adding people, either CEO's, customers from interviews and testimonials could increase depth to any corporate video, like internal communication purposes.

Examples of our work that demonstrates this:


Logistic Videos

These are similar to explainer videos, however, they highlight the details of an organisation or the implementation of a complex operation, such as building a new skyscraper in a congested environment.

The information could also involve details on the impact towards traffic and pedestrians using the surrounding areas; showing the journey of a shipment that is travelling from one location to another; or feature different phases of the construction project using graphics to highlight the equipment and vehicles needed at every stage of the build.

Example of our work that demonstrates this:


B2B Videos

Business to business (B2B) videos are designed to help exchange products, services or/and information between businesses rather than their consumers. These videos can help inform and inspire potential clients or partners to understand their core values and branding as well as creating clean processes within theirs and other businesses.

Example of our work that demonstrates this:


Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are mainly used as marketing materials to communicate products, brands and services to educate and inform consumers. These videos are a great way to hold the attention of new and existing customers, either for broadcast or online networks.

Example of our work that demonstrates this:

SkyDisney PlayhouseFlapJack Girls

Event / Charity Videos

These are promotional videos which can be a brilliant medium to tell a story and to spread the word of an event or charity to potential audiences. Some campaigns and fundraising videos have helped non- profits organisations to communicate their messages across the world and can move the viewers to remember the worthwhile cause.

Examples of our work that demonstrates this:

Christian AidIFRCDanish Refugee CouncilChild Soldiers International

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