The Wolf in the Water

The Wolf in the Water

BBC Radio 3 approached Adam Zygadlo for his skill in producing a small animational promo for Naomi Alderman's play - 'Wolf in the Water'.

Graphic novelist Karrie Fransman whom Adam and his studio previously worked with before in 'Death of the Artist' and 'The house that groaned' was coincidentally hired for this project as well, setting up for a good organizational start.

'Wolf in the Water' is a new story set as a continuation of the lore and characters established in Shakespeare's play, 'The Merchant of Venice'.

Our approach for this animation was in using footage of running water that would slowly bleed across the screen. The water effect in itself would act as a transition and link between the illustrations used throughout the video as a form of recurring imagery.

We also felt the need to inject some life into the visuals, so by adding subtle movement like camera motion the project gained a level of depth perception.

Also to compliment our watercolour visuals, voice acting was introduced to read out a narrative summary of the story. This was coupled with a supporting soundtrack to add dynamic audio richness to the whole animation.

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    Animated by Jarbrain
    Illustrated by Karrie Fransman
    Music by BBC
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