Trion Worlds

End of Nations

End of Nations

Creativitea, now an established creative agency, began a new buisness advanture with the video gaming company Trion Worlds. Trion Worlds was developing a new game called 'End of Nations' at the time with Petroglyph Games.

The previous credentials of Petroglyph Games was that their developers were known in the industry as having worked on several high profile intellectual properties. Examples of such were the real time strategy games Dune II and Command and Conquer.

Creativitea wanted to send a small gift to them by showcasing a short, animated video of the game using footage from the game itself as well as animated graphics. Creativitea asked Jarbrain to develop a concept for this video based on the atmosphere of the game's environment and style.

After in-depth research of the game as well as understanding the storylines of the different playable factions within, we reached a plan of where we wanted to go with this. We imagined this short video as a commander who is logging into a database to communicate with a military base within the game. In a sense it was also a homage to their past games which had a similar running theme.

We gained access to the Alpha phase of the game and began to use graphics from it for referential purposes in order to simulate the game's realistic graphics. Using these, we animated the sequence to tell this story of this commander.

On completion we sent the completed product back to Creativitea who then in turn sent it back to Trion Worlds with an enthusiastic response.

  • Client:
    Trion Worlds
  • Category:
  • Credits:
    Studio by Creativitea Studios
    Motion Designer by Adam Zygadlo
  • Our Services:
    Concept development, Editing, Graphic Design and Animation

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