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What we do as a service

At Jarbrain, we do more than just graphics. We are a full-service design company, based on three core skills: Design, Animation and Film. Using these core skills, we can combine one, two or all three, when working on any of your projects to create unique and immersive multi-media narratives and experiences, using stunning visuals which have been said to touch the hearts and minds of the audience.

Our ethos is simple. We work to the highest standard of work possible, to ensure that the visuals we create for your business stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression in the customers’ mind.

No matter how big or small the project or the size of your business, we take pride in ensuring that all of our creations have a high-end look and feel. You can be sure that we take great pride in our work, and always strive towards producing premium services and products at all times, with the client brief in mind.

Rest assured, we will be with you every step of the journey, from exploring and collating initial ideas/concepts from the beginning, through to the final delivery of the product.

Below is a list of some or our core services. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out on our contact page.

Graphic Design

We fully appreciate that graphic design is an essential component of all communications, worldwide. Whether your message is in the form of text, images, or combined, our extensive knowledge and experience of graphic design can be drawn upon to create original content across a variety of formats, such as digital or print.

So whether you need a promo video, a promotional brochure or an infographic, we are confident that we can create beautiful, bespoke content for your organisation.

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Motion Design

We understand the usefulness and power of motion design, which is also known as animated graphic design. This can be used for anything from visual effects, through to animation and video production.

It can be applied to a range of digital distribution channels such as video, film, or web-based platforms such as digital and social marketing, content marketing or mobile marketing.

Not only does this type of technique make your visual content more dynamic, but it can also add value by helping you to communicate your ideas in a more engaging way. We can help you to make your messaging more creative through the use of motion design.

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Animation is both an engaging and entertaining medium which can bring static content to life. We use 2D and 3D animation to create memorable scenes and characters.

Animated visuals are a great way of connecting with an audience on a personal level, by telling narrative stories which evoke an emotional response.

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Video Production

Through the experience we have accumulated spanning over a decade, we have developed the necessary skills and abilities to communicate impassioned stories and narratives by producing engaging content using various mediums; such as film, design and animation.

We have over a decade of experience in transforming ideas into form by creating captivating and engaging video content.

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Film Capture

Jarbrain has filming capabilities, which are used to create original video content for your business, with your target audience firmly in mind throughout the production process.

We can adapt and customise the final product for a variety of mediums, depending on the purpose of the production. Whether you are looking to promote an event, raise awareness of your brand, or inform your audience about your products or services, we will make sure that we are filming the footage with the desired outcome/goal in mind.

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We also have resources and experience of editing and customizing footage to make sure that you are receiving high-quality content.

In line with our ethos of working toward a high standard, we always make sure that each clip is carefully treated by colour grading them, to make sure there is a consistent and seamless look and feel throughout the video, ultimately creating a pleasant experience for the audience.

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Subtitles can help you connect with a wider audience who may speak different languages, have hearing impairments, or wish to view the video without audio. Also, this can also be particularly useful for mobile, viral, content or social media marketing.

Jarbrain has the skills, as well as experience, in implementing subtitles in our videos and other digital content.

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